12 weeks in

1. Doubt has crept in. After a busy and successful start to my new freelance life I have started thinking what happens if this doesn’t happen. What if my current client doesn’t think I am delivering on the brief? What if I don’t get another client? Why did I leave the safety and security of permanent work? I have started trying to unpick where this negative mindset originated from and trying to pin point what I can do differently or how I will manage these thoughts that will inevitably be a part of self employment.

2. There are good days and bad days in every job. The bad days are not so easy to brush off when this is all about you and your business. Success rests on your shoulders but so does failure. Not having a team or manager to confide in can be really hard.

3. The good days; whether that be completing a challenging piece of work, surprising your client with some unexpected good news, or receiving a shining testimonial need to be cherished and shared.

4. As I am my own manager, I have decided to give myself regular appraisals, including career development advice at 3 monthly intervals. This month’s advice is if you give up now you will regret it. Oh and don’t be so hard on yourself.

5. The uncertainties and unknowns are what makes this exciting. Today’s office is a coffee shop just off the A3. (The glamour!) I have set myself up with a mobile hotspot (a first!) and am drinking a coconut latte, the sun is streaming through the window and all is well.

6. You can totally do this.

I’d love to know how my fellow freelancers keep the negative mind monsters at bay. What are your strategies for keeping upbeat and positive?

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