6 things I have learnt 6 weeks in

1. At the start of your freelance journey spend time on your website as it will help focus your attention and how best to describe and sell yourself. Do not waste hours and hours of time perfecting your websites and business cards (two sets in my case!) because once you start working you will gather lots more content and testimonials and you will have a much better idea of what work you do and don’t want to do and can structure your site accordingly. In my haste to perfect everything I put my address on my business cards. Guess what? We’re moving in the next few months…! What was I thinking?

2. The feeling when you get paid for the first time as a consultant is priceless! Yes this crazy middle of the night idea to go it alone is at last paying off (quite literally).

3. The client is always right. As much as you can influence, make suggestions and recommendations and as much as you might have a difference of opinion with how a project is shaping up or how a client wants you to structure your time, they’re paying you and time is precious. Don’t waste energy feeling aggrieved that this isn’t how you envisaged being a consultant because…

4. ….it is all a learning experience. You will learn invaluable lessons about how to promote your services, manage expectations, price competitively and add the most value to an organisation as you secure more work. This will embolden you and give you confidence moving forward.

5. Don’t be hard on yourself. All new projects will come with their challenges. It won’t all be plain sailing and you will make mistakes along the way. See point 4 and move on.

6. You can totally do this.


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