Head down, keep going

A month ago today we moved house. I say we, I actually had very little to do with the actual move day but more of that later.

It was last September we saw the house we wanted to be our home. Nine months elapsed between putting an offer in and getting the keys. In that time there were the highs and lows of viewings, second viewings, offers, revised offers, move dates agreed, move dates broken, exchange agreed, but paperwork missing, exchange not happening, oh and its Christmas/Easter/Bank Holiday so you wont hear anything for 5 days now...and on and on and on...

If a house move was the only project you had to manage it might be ok but these things don't occur in a vacuum. There are simultaneous work stresses, family stresses and bereavements, hospital visits and illnesses to contend with. But what do you do? You get your head down and carry on because what's the alternative?

After nine months of hanging on, and feeling completely out of control, we exchanged and a move date was agreed. It just so happened to coincide with a massive fundraising event that I had been working on since January. The one week I had said I couldn't move house was the week we moved house. It happened, thanks entirely to my husband and family, and the event happened and both were a huge success and now a month on I can reflect on both with a clear head and feel immensely proud of what I/we managed to pull off. All those late nights, the tears, the boxes (oh, so many boxes) were all worth it. It is amazing what can be achieved under the most challenging of circumstances. As I enter a new calmer phase over the Summer I will continue to remind myself how the insurmountable is surmountable with the right people surrounding and supporting you.

And here we are almost at the end of the year. I know its June but I have always relished the end of term feeling, even though I haven't been in academia for years and years, the September to July year is still deeply ingrained. I will turn my attention to starting a new year of work in September, my second year freelancing, I might even treat myself to new shoes and a pencil case.

And now for the shameless plug. If you or someone in your network would like to chat event strategy, or if you are planning an event or have gaps in your team, lets do coffee and see what insurmountable challenges we can conquer together!

Sending love and strength to anyone going through a tough time. Dig deep, you can do this.


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