Following on from a fantastic 2020 planning workshop I attended last week, I have vowed to start journaling as part of a new mindful morning routine. So I'm starting today with a seven day journal asking myself two questions: "What I really want is..." and "Wouldn't it be cool if..." At the end of the week I'll read over my thoughts and see what commonalities or exciting things present themselves and then ask "What would I need to do in order to make that happen?" I've done a little bit of mindfulness meditation, most recently at this workshop and am always surprised at what comes out of my brain! It can be really powerful and I'd recommend it if you've never tried it. Hoping journaling provokes a similar reaction.

And I do appreciate for maximum results this should be done as soon as you open your eyes in the morning and certainly before you open your computer! However two small people and a dog demanding breakfast at 6am takes priority right now. But that is something I have to work on!


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