Polly Perseverance

I was at Center Parcs with my family last week. For those not familiar with it, you park up your car on the first day and get around on foot or more commonly bike for the remainder of your stay. We took my daughter’s bikes with us and hired adult ones for ourselves. I had assumed that my 6-year-old would take to it again straight away after learning in the summer because… well it’s just like riding a bike! So I was a bit surprised when she couldn’t manage it. She kept trying but was getting visibly fed up at not being able to keep up with us and every time she tried to push off she couldn’t find the pedals, she’d wobble for a bit and have to stop. I kept telling her you have to keep going, its just confidence, remember Polly Perseverance (the story they teach at my daughter’s school to encourage persistence) but it was disheartening and beginning to get a bit annoying as it was taking forever to get anywhere.

On Tuesday I talked to my husband about hiring a bike with stabilisers, but we agreed to give it till morning and see how she was then. Wednesday morning came around, we all set off on our bikes and I braced myself for walking alongside my daughter when she looked forward, not at her feet, pushed off, found the pedals and zoom! off she went. The relief we all felt and the smile on her face said it all. So here’s to Polly Perseverance! If we’d given up on Tuesday and got the bike with stabilisers, we would never have known how close she was to mastering it again.

How often do we stop doing something moments before it succeeds? Keep going guys because your breakthrough could be just around the corner!


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