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I love a project. (Who'd have thought it, 20 years organising events!) I love the chaos and subsequent adrenaline of starting off with a problem that needs solving or a need that has to be met, working out a plan, keeping to budget and schedule, communicating progress and seeing the end result. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but it has only just dawned on me how project planning is an integral part of my life in general and not just in my work life. Did I choose the event life or did the event life choose me?

Six weeks after moving into our new house (a project I have no intention of ever repeating) and after a bonkers quarter working flat out with multiple clients on several complex events, I decided, rather than enjoying the downtime and spending some time relaxing, that I would embark on a new project plastering and decorating the whole house. (For transparency when I say ‘I’, what I really mean is I would manage a team to do it. Which, fyi, is the best way to project manage, as the conductor to the orchestra not the musician).

It added another four weeks of disruption to family life but it had started to feel quite normal living out of boxes, not knowing which room we were sleeping in on any given night or where any of our belongings were.

So my big realisation at the weekend was I absolutely thrive on the chaos and challenge. I don’t function well when I don’t have a project on the go or lined up. Events management can be absolutely terrifying to some people. I quite often hear from friends and family members 'I don't know how you organise events for a living, I hate them'. Well newsflash, I don't hate them. I really enjoy (almost) everything about them and I am good at organising them, so don't struggle alone! Get in contact if you want to have a chat about what value I can add to your events or fundraising programme.


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