The Managing Director at Women for Women International approached JC Consultancy to take on overall strategic management of the events programme as two events staff had recently left the organisation. The charity’s largest fundraising event was looming and required full project management so it was important for me to integrate quickly into the team and take a clear and concise leadership role on this event, ensuring everyone was coordinated in their roles and working towards the overall objectives. 

The event was a complex mass participation and committee lead activity but through experienced management the lead up to the event was smooth and the event was considered the best yet by the CEO and committee.  1800 guests attended the event and it raised £240,000, beating the previous year’s target. 

"Having Jane at our helm was transformational for us and demonstrated the value of deep diverse experience and calm positivity to transform months of event planning and execution.  For Jane I don't have enough thank yous and she is now in our sisterhood for sure!"

Shivonne Graham, Managing Director, Women for Women International

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